Inschool VSS Training

This page is for those institutions who have a desire to use the Inschool VSS platform and wish to test it first. If you follow the steps outlined below and in the short the videos, you should be able to create your first lesson in under 10 minutes.  


    1. You need an Android phone.
    2. Download the app from here:
    3. Register first as a student ( even if you are a teacher ) so you can view some of the free lessons and see what other tutors have created. 
    4. Login to the app,  go to WeTutor>Grade 12 Maths WeTutor>
      • Subscribe to any class here and you will get immediate access.
      STEP TWO  
    Registration as a Teacher and request for a test class.
    1. Now that you have seen the app from a students perspective, the next step is to access the system as a TEACHER. For this, you need a class.
    2. Send an email to this email address to request a TEST class. We will reply with a a username / password to grant access to a temporary class.
      • In just 8 minutes, you should be able to start creating your own lessons.
      • You must watch the videos on ADD TOPICS, LESSONS and IMAGES and CREATE LESSONS.

    1. The final step is to allocate to you, your own dedicated  Institution or classroom under your own name and logo. 
    2. When you are ready for this, send a mail to and we will address your specific needs. ie: 
    • The number of classrooms
    • Grades
    • Logos
    • Titles of the classrooms.
    • Permissions. Teachers who will have access to create lessons. 

I If you experience any hurdles at any stage, here are the important numbers.

email: or call / whatsapp 084 808 2222 

A few short and necessary videos to get you started.