Its that simple.


Including, Educators, lecturers, tutors and just about anyone in the education field.

The Inschool VSS , Virtual School System enables you to create lessons directly on your phone or tablet and save then to your own virtual classroom. Designed with simplicity in mind, you can have your first lesson online in under 10 minutes

Our Technology Advantage

Two key factors set us apart. One is that lessons are super easy to create and two, they are inexpensive to download. Our algorithm reduces data cost  by over 80% and this is a critical factor if we want students to enrol and view lessons. Those reliant on a mobile data plan can usually not afford to view data at around R100 per lesson, even if the lesson itself were free.

We have minimized that issue.

So how does this system work?

Its really very simple.

Single Teacher

As a teacher you would request a Virtual Classroom stating the subject or subjects you wish to teach and the grade. If you need more than one classroom, that is allowed as well.

A Teaching Group or Institution.

If you head a school or college or a multi-grade and subject tutoring business, you can request “Institution Status”.  This means that you can have a group of classrooms inside a course which is in turn inside an institution.

Using the above, one can have many courses and classrooms following the hierarchy of a typical school or college.

How do I obtain a classroom?


Request for a Virtual Class is made directly to us. We will upon approval, create the classroom for you and grant access. You would need to create content for the class or use our content as explained below. When your students request access, you can authorise access from your app or admin panel directly. You can set access dates and suspend access as well.


Does Inschool Provide Lessons?

Our sole business is to empower teachers, tutors or just about anyone in education with the technology. We enable them to network.

We also have our own set of lesson content which are available for use, in your own classroom subject to the terms below.

Is the VSS free to students?

The download for students and tutors is totally free. Access to lessons is charged for by you as the tutor or teacher.


Our fee policy.

Just like everyone else, we too need to earn in order to maintain the technology, servers, streams and service we provide.

Our commission is 30% of whatever you charge. We do not dictate what you should charge whether its R1 or R1000. We take 30%.

Use of our content.

Its possible to start your own business using shared content as well without the need to create your own content. In this case we share the revenue 50/50. 

Example: You have a class which you advertise and it uses lessons copied over from our repository. So its your name, your brand. You do rely solely on our content. We share it, 50 / 50.

This is the future so lets get you started.

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