Educating, using Inschool’s VSS

Virtual School System

The VSS is a powerful, new and innovative way to create and record real classroom environment simulated lessons and deliver the content to students at extremely low data rates, making if a far better and cost effective solution for the African market in general.


Our VSS, makes it possible for any institution, teacher, tutor, or facilitator, in any educational or training related field,  to quickly and easily build and deliver any lesson, training or broadcas

Start creating your first lesson in under 10 minutes

It is that simple.

It is super simple to use.

 f you can write on a classroom blackboard, speak with authority on the subject, add images or PDFs and write explanations over the images then you can use our system to build lessons.


How does it work?

Simplicity is key.


Lessons are created by the teachers or trainers on their enabled smartphones without the need for any additional hardware. The lesson creation process is quick, convenient and intuitive. The teachers and learners each have their own dedicated, password-accessed classroom Students are given access to a course or classroom.


Lessons are recorded for access at the students’ convenience. We provide a virtual classroom environment giving the ambience of a real classroom which makes the learning process more comfortable. We also provide a powerful assessment system where learners can be tested so teaching can be more effective and progress

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We want to help teachers and trainers be more productive and effective.

Empowering teachers and students.

 Skills make people employable. Employment gives hope and creates opportunities. The delivery of that education is, however, not an easy task. Technology needs to step in to lend educators a hand. We have made our system easy to understand and use with minimal training. The student side is intuitive and easy to understand. The student simply has to select a course and classroom and provided he has the permission to enter, can start viewing lessons, immediately.

What can be taught?

Almost, anything


The inSchool set of applications that form the VSS consists of 5  components. eLearning, eTeaching and eAssessments and 2 administrative interfaces.


Just about anything can be taught. Imagine it, create it and publish without any need for special studio equipment.

Whom does the VSS benefit?

Any entity or individual.


Absolutely any entity or individual involved in training, teaching or instruction can utilize and benefit from the VSS  by providing lessons and coursework to its students and trainees. Even teachers can benefit by accessing lessons which train them on how to teach. This has the benefit of simplifying the knowledge transfer process and expanding the institutions reach. An example would be Schools, Universities, Private and public colleges, SETAs and their various affiliates, and training centres of any nature. Their trainees can access the course material directly on their devices. This is not your normal online document library. The is real eTeaching.