This app converts your smartphone into a virtual school which uses 80% less data.

This is set to change the way lessons are created and viewed.


Inschool VSS, Virtual School is a powerful, new and innovative way to create and record real classroom simulated lessons and deliver the content to students.

Educators – Start creating your first lesson in under 10 minutes

Yes. In under 10 minutes, you can have your first lesson published and delivered . Just contact us using the details below and, you can obtain your own virtual classroom. within minutes.

Learners – Start Viewing high quality lessons, anytime or place.

Download the app, register as a student and start enjoying high quality lessons streamed to you at incredibly low data rates.

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Great but…How does it work?


 Lessons are created by the educator or tutors directly on the smartphone or tablet. The lesson creation process is quick, convenient and intuitive. Each educator has their own dedicated, password-accessed virtual classroom. Students are given access to a course or classroom and can view published lessons, instantly.


Cost – Download is totally free.

Download of the app, is totally free and entry to some classrooms are free too. Some private tutor may choose to charge a small fee for access to their lessons.



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