Dear Teacher and Student. Get ready to be excited.

Our VSS, Virtual School System converts your smartphone into a virtual school , streaming lessons to you, in your home at… 80% less data.

This means that you can view approximately 30 lessons of 30 minutes each for just 1 gig of data. That is truly amazing.

Inschool VSS, Virtual School System is a powerful, new and innovative way for your teacher and ours to create and record real classroom simulated lessons and stream it to you. So pass the word to your teaches. tell them to please start adding content so you can benefit.

Educators – Create you first lesson in 10 minutes.

Yes. In under 10 minutes, you can have your first lesson published and delivered . Just contact us using the details below and, you can obtain your own virtual classroom. within minutes.

Lessons are created by the educator or tutors directly on their phones.The lesson creation process is quick, convenient and intuitive. Each educator is allocated his or her own dedicated, password-accessed virtual classroom. Students are given access to a course or classroom and can view published lessons, instantly.



Learners- Start viewing lessons now.

Download the app, register as a student and start enjoying high quality lessons streamed to you at incredibly low data rates. Some lessons are free and others are paid. Browse and choose. Great value is what we offer.

What is the cost?

In general, the classes offered is a paid access system. Independent teacher and tutor have their own classes and may charge a fee.

Having said that , some classes are offered for free. Look around the app and decide what works for you.



Contact us:  or phone / whatsapp  084 808 2222

Our app was available on Google Playstore however, due to the global corona virus situation, Google Playstore is taking extremely long to update changes to the app. We have decided to use an alternate install method until the situation with Google Playstore is resolved.

The app can be downloaded from here:



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