Skills Training

The QCTO document which touches elearning and eAssessment is here:

 This is a true embracing of the 4th industrial revolution. Its the teaching method of the future whether we choose to accept it or not. When we make the decision to accept technology as a worthy component of learning, the question arises. Which technology?

Inschool VSS has been designed with the African Environment in mind where we have relatively high mobile data costs and slow networks.

  1. We have engineered a system where a video stream utilizes  80% less data than a traditional video.
  2. Trainers, facilitators and assessors can easily create lessons and make them available to students almost instantly.
  3. A students POE, ( portfolio of evidence) is stored and tests can be created by an examiner and passed on if required, to moderators.


If you are ready to make the jump or want to learn more, let us engage in conversation.

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