Inschool VSS is, at the very basic level a powerful course and lesson building systems where a tutor can create lessons, save the lessons to a classroom and allow free or paid access to the lessons.

Most eLearning systems provide online documents such a PDFs and some videos which are accessible online by students. We view this as just part of the whole learning process. We have focused on creating a virtual classroom experience with real recorded lessons for the student to view,  on demand. We have created 3 unique app interface systems to accomplish this.

As a tutor, teacher, lecturer, trainer or just about any person whose goal is education or instruction, you can create lessons quickly and easily. using voice, images, animation and real on-screen writing. These lessons will reside in your own classroom and you or the institution you are employed by will get to decide who has access to them.

This is a real high definition recording but with data saving of over  80 %. No other system comes close.


Inschool Studio is a stand alone and powerful student manager which provides you with the ability to creates tests which the student may answer directly on their devices.



Inschool Studio provides an administrative interface to set tests and assess students. Students are tested and are required to answer questions and present assignments, directly from their own Studio app. We have a full marking and moderation system in place enabling the test to be marked and moderated online by an examiner.  We have created a complete ePortfolio system.


  • The student app is super-easy to use. The user side is made simple. Every student can be comfortable from the first click and should be learning in no time at all.
  • Our data usage rate is about 80% less than that of any video-based lesson. This makes it more affordable.
  • You have multiple viewing opportunities. Lessons can be replayed at any point.
  • Deliver a lesson anywhere, anytime. Of great benefit to students in rural areas and those with disabilities.
  • Tutors can create lessons easily and quickly by using voice, images and chalkboard actions.

In this example, simply select a CLASSROOM such as Calculus.

Next, select the lesson you wish to view

Watch as the lesson is streamed to you at 80% less data.

I have an institution, how can I utilize this system.

If you are a school, college or training provider or any professional education or training entity,  then this system was built for you. Contact us to discuss your needs. Typically, we will allocate institution status to you and you get to manage your own environment. You may add courses and classrooms,  assign tutors, add students and link them to courses. You assign who will build the test and mark them when done.

I am just a private tutor. Can I use the system?

Yes. We have set up an Institution of Private Tutors  ( IPT ) for South Africa and Kenya thus far and will be adding these to other countries too. Apply with us to obtain a classroom.

Can I use a lesson made by another provider?

The lesson is owned by the institution or tutor that has created it. Institutions are free to copy lessons between their own classrooms. If you want a lesson from another institution, it is possible only if the institution has agreed to the duplication.

Cost of using the system

Inschool VSS has a number of options you may choose from.

  1. A partnership option where we grant access in exchange for anywhere between 10% to 30% of the course fee.
  2. Pay per classroom and student option where you would indicate the number of classrooms you need and the number of students you want to manage.
  3. Self-hosted option
  4. Inschool VSS hosted option.

Contact us to discuss your needs,  084 808 2222 to discuss your needs


Download the Student app  now.